Emily is a fine artist and science illustrator from Tybee Island, Georgia. In 2016 she graduated with a studio art degree from Georgia College and State University, and went on to receive a graduate certificate in Science Illustration from California State University, Monterey Bay in 2017.

After completing her graduate program Emily went on to intern with the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center in Anchorage, Alaska illustrating the Yakutat Tlingit People from the last 1000 years. She then spent a year illustrating a book on Native Alaskans and First Nations as well as creating an interactive info-graphic on the effects of oil spills along the coast of Alaska.

She is currently working as a Medical Illustrator at St. George’s University in Grenada, West Indies as a part of the university’s BioMedical Visualization Fellowship.

Growing up on an island on the coast of Georgia instilled in Emily a lifelong love of the world around her. From watching herons fishing in the marsh to picking blueberries in the mountains of Alaska, she has found her place among science and art through scientific and medical illustration.